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Today, there is a demand for quality, reliable sources of dates to order from. This is why our palm trees and fruit are all grown pesticide free. San Marcos Date Farm in Desert Hot Springs, California, offers the best quality dates available.


These dates are very sweet in flavor. Medjools originate from Iraq and come in several different sizes. This type of date is very healthy, which is why they currently have the highest demand.

We sell them in one, two, three, five, and 11 pound container. Each container is priced as specified below:

Per Pound Cost = $7

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Jumbo Medjool

Just like regular Medjools, these dates are very sweet. Jumbos are considered a higher quality of date because of their large size and high yield. The prices are specified below:

Per Pound Cost = $9

Assorted Medjool

Jumbo Medjool

Deglet Nour

These dates are smaller, thinner and a bit crunchy. Originating from Morocco, they are often compared to apples and have a caramel finish. We also sell these dates in one, two, three, five, and 11 pound containers. The prices for this type of date are listed below:

2 Pounds - $14 | 3 Pounds - $21 | 5 Pounds - $35 | 11 Pounds - $50


These are soft like Medjool dates, but they are not as sweet. They are similar to the Deglet Nour in flavor, but they have more of a nutty taste. These dates originated in Libya, and they are traditionally picked before they are completely ripe. The prices for these dates are:

Per Pound Cost = $7

Mixed Dates

If you want to give away a scrumptious variety of dates, this mix will be a perfect gift. This assortment carries a variety of dates, including Deglet Nour, Medjool, and Zahiti. The cost for these variety packs is:

Per Pound Cost = $6